Annex 82 News

Dear colleagues,

We are kindly asking for your response to this form collecting information on energy flexibility case studies. As part of Annex 82 Subtask D, we are gathering and assessing actually deployed and/or tested case studies of energy flexibility to identify their characteristics, stakeholder types, value propositions, resources and frameworks. By sharing your case studies, you will help identify potential business models that deliver value to end-users and service providers, and ultimately support the scaling of energy flexibility adoption and use.

We are particularly interested in case studies of aggregated customers and/or buildings, but all building types are welcome. Your case studies must include at least one type of energy flexibility provided from building end-uses (e.g., HVAC, lighting, appliances) and may include other sources of energy flexibility (e.g., storage, electric vehicles). Importantly, the case studies must be integrated with an energy grid/system.

Please submit your responses by Friday, March 31, 2023 here.