Annex 82 Publications

  • Developing energy flexibility in clusters of buildings: A critical analysis of barriers from planning to operation Edit Publication
    December 2023
    Publisher: Energy and Buildings
  • Quantification of the energy flexibility of residential building clusters: Impact of long-term refurbishment strategies of the italian building stock Edit Publication
    October 2023
    Publisher: Energy and Buildings
  • A multi-agent system based coordinated multi-objective optimal load scheduling strategy using marginal emission factors for building cluster demand response Edit Publication
    February 2023
    Publisher: Energy and Buildings
  • Ten questions concerning energy flexibility in buildings Edit Publication
    August 2022
    Author(s): Rongling Li, Andrew J. Satchwell, Donal Finn, Toke Haunstrup Christensen, Michaël Kummert, Jérôme Le Dréau, Rui Amaral Lopes, Henrik Madsen, Jaume Salom, Gregor Henze, Kim Wittchen
    Publisher: Building and Environment
  • Demand-side flexibility in a residential district: What are the main sources of uncertainty? Edit Publication
    January 2022